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Don’t qualify for these credits? Buyers can purchase tax credits at a discount of 5-10%. Use these credits to reduce current and future Pennsylvania tax burden.

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Available Programs:
Resource Enhancement and Protection Program

The Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) Program allows farmers and businesses to earn tax credits in exchange for “Best Management Practices” (BMPs) on agricultural operations that will enhance farm production and protect natural resources.

Eligible applicants may receive between 50% and 75% of project costs as state tax credits for up to $150,000 per agricultural operation. The amount of tax credit available to a recipient is dependent on the type of BMP implemented. This year, $5 million tax credits are available on a first-come, first-served basis. All credits have been distributed at this time, and new applications will be accepted in August.


  • conservation plan (or an NRCS approved grazing (528) plan)
  • an agricultural erosion and sedimentation control plan (An Ag E&S plan is part of a properly written conservation plan)
  • a nutrient management plan, if required (for a CAO or CAFO)
  • BMP for an Animal Concentration Area (ACA)

Eligible Costs:

  • Project design, engineering, and associated planning
  • Project management costs, including constructing, document preparation and applications
  • Project construction and installation
  • Equipment, materials and other eligible project components
  • Post construction expenses
  • Interest payments on loans for project implementation for up to one year prior to the award of the tax credit

Applications are accepted beginning August 4, 2008
Program Guidelines
Sell your credits 1 year after you are awarded them

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