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Available Programs

Historic Preservation - Qualified Taxpayers to rehabilitate certified Historic Structures receive 25% of rehab costs in tax credits up to $500,000 per project
Keystone Special Development Zone (KSDZ) - Businesses located and operating in a qualified KSDZ can receive tax credits of $2,100 per employee working within the zones from January 1, 2012
Small Business Health Care - Small businesses who emply fewer than 25 full-time or 50 part-time workers may claim credits up to 35% of their premium costs in 2010
Keystone Innovation Zone (KIZ) - KIZ Companies operating in a zone for less than 8 years receive 50% of their previous year’s revenue increase as a tax credit capped at $100,000 per year.
Research and Development (R&D) - Companies receive 10% of the increase in spending on R&D from the average spending of the previous 4 years. Smaller companies qualify for a 20% credit.
Film - Production Companies receive 25% of in state spending back as a tax credit for all national movies, TV or commercial film production.
Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) - Farmers receive 50% of pre-approved spending as a tax credits for no till equipment and nitrogen reduction planning costs.
Neighborhood Assistance - Companies making donations to qualified nonprofit organizations receive 35-80% of pledged donations in tax credits.
Enterprise Zone - Businesses in Enterprise Zones receive 25% of building renovation in tax credits up to $500,000 per project.
Education - Education Donors receive 90% of donations to preschool and K-12 scholarships and Educational improvement organizations as a tax credit up to $450,000 per taxpayer per year.

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